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WhatsApp Businesses API allows companies to exchange messages with their customers in the same way as they do with friends or family, through WhatsApp. Companies of all sizes can access the WhatsApp Business API to send and receive messages from their users using WhatsApp

Companies of all sizes that want to improve their user experience through a direct communication channel are eligible to use WhatsApp Business API. Currently, availability is limited and WhatsApp reviews each case independently.

Your company can use WhatsApp Business API for a large number of use cases that do not involve shocks or spam to users. Some of these use cases are: confirmations, account updates, payment links, satisfaction surveys, customer support, reservations, delivery updates, reminders, and direct communication between your team and your customers.

For your business to use WhatsApp Business API, you must apply through Facebook or a WhatsApp Solution Providers ( is not an official business provider, but if you are a WhatsApp ISV, we can connect you with the BSP that is most convenient for you, and assist you in the entire account creation, maintenance and configuration process helps me to have my WhatsApp Business API account

Once you have access to WhatsApp Business API, you can use a tool like to connect with all your users, regardless of the number, and provide your team, regardless of the number of people in it, a tool to chat with your users through the same WhatsApp Business API line

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